Catamaran basics Fitting a black water tank

Published on 01 august 2016 at 0h00

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A location for a black water tank is now compulsory aboard all new sailing boats built since 2007. For the smallest boats, the chemical WC dear to the fans of camper vans still has a bright future… But for the others – multihulls which are 10 years old and older – you will have to think about fitting this buffer tank, intended to protect the most sensitive anchorages! An operation which is not very complicated, and not very expensive if you only buy the actual tank: around 60 euros for a small 25 liter one, 130 for 60 liters and less than 200 for 88 liters. On the other hand, the full kit, with macerator pump, float, tubes, gauge and all the works will nevertheless take you to over 1,000 euros. This is the price you pay for being ‘in order’ and able to frequent the many anchorages forbidden to boats which are not ‘clean’. Just one regret: the ports don’t really play the game, and there are still very few operational pump-out stations. Note: many countries, such as Turkey, the United States and most of the Scandinavian countries already impose the use of WCs with holding tanks close to the coasts on all boats. The tanks are emptied out at sea, which is finally the simplest and above all the most effective solution, to avoid concentrating waste in the anchorages.

Fitting a black water tank - step 0

A black water tank will allow you to stay in an anchorage without polluting your environment. Essential, given the ever-increasing number of boats in anchorages nowadays!

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