Catamaran basics : Purchasing your second-hand multihull carefully

Published on 01 june 2016 at 0h00

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New or second-hand? A debate which often crops up in cockpits, on the pontoons and in the forums. If you have the means, and you really want to have a state-of-the-art boat which you can customize as you wish, don't hesitate, order direct from a builder... But if your budget is more limited, a second-hand boat will allow you to cruise in a bigger boat, with more cabins and more volume. In short, you will be able to cruise further and for longer. Tempting, no? Not to mention that at the end of a long-term cruising program of from one to three years, you will almost break even when you re-sell the boat, as the major depreciation occurs in the first ten years. However, you mustn't throw yourself at the first multihull you find, as you risk being disappointed. The purchase of a boat _ unless it is a very small one _ deserves a few precautions, before you get out the check book. Follow the ten key points with us before signing!

Choice of model

Sometimes opportunity makes a thief, it's well-known... The fact remains that the most popular multihulls - Lagoon, Fountaine Pajot, Leopard, Catana, Outremer, Privilge, etc. - are those which are easiest to re-sell. If in doubt, opt preferably for one of them.

Second-hand catamaran


We're not interested in the captain's age here, but that of the boat... Less than 10 years old, and there is not much to worry about, apart from changing the sails, if this has not already been done. A 20 year old catamaran, such as this Privilge, requires more ...

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