Jaganda's crew trip

Published on 01 june 2016 at 0h00

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First things first, let's start with the electricity. To avoid fantasies and delusions, and without using complicated formulae or abstruse figures, let's go over the basics. Three facts need to be established: an estimation of your consumption, an evaluation of your storage capacity, and your means for recharging. In 'Sailing' mode, consumption is quite easy to estimate. Two items can however significantly alter the total in this mode: the automatic pilot and the frequency of use of the radar, two major consumers which must be monitored. Everything then is a question of your way of life. Do you want to live 'just like at home', or will you seize the opportunity to adopt a more responsible, less consumerist attitude? Although the arrival of LEDs has almost freed us from any constraints in terms of lighting, the multiplication of the number of screens and even worse, air conditioning, have again updated the crucial question of electrical self-sufficiency. Before rushing into the expensive purchase of a generator, a third internal combustion engine aboard, requiring additional fuel and maintenance, let's have a look at alternative sources, or those already aboard.

First of all, there are the on-board engines. Although their standard alternators are not very powerful, they can without doubt be changed for more powerful models, or doubled up. Is the charging time still too long? An electronic box called an alternator booster maintains a high battery ...

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