Marine Clothing

Published on 01 august 2015 at 0h00

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Whether it’s in the marketing or in the technical developments, it’s generally acknowledged that there’s been a considerable evolution in the last twenty years. The basic setup of oilskin jacket and trousers has now given way to three distinct layers, each forming an independent protective cocoon but with other well-defined functions:
1 - Comfort: Comprised of underclothes whose primary function is to conserve body heat and evacuate perspiration
2 - Insulation: made up of fleece-type insulating materials
3 - Protection: The primary function is to keep out wind and water
For the latter, and at the risk of disappointing you, in terms of the textiles themselves, there hasn’t really been any new development for the last ten years, if not longer! Note that the famous Gore-Tex fiber, which is Teflon-based, was developed by the company Gore & Associates back in 1969! Supple, breathable and strong, clothing made from it has permanently mothballed any coated fabrics. Even though these might be cheaper, they’re not going to keep us enthusiastic die-hard sailors happy for very long. With the patent now expired and in the public domain, it is used by virtually every marine clothing manufacturer. The difference then is in experience, the quality of the seams and the comfort of the “ancillaries”: hood, neck, cuffs, etc. There’s only one way to choose: try them on. See that you feel protected, comfortable, that you can move easily and see well. And you might be a ...

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