Onboard alarm systems

Published on 23 november 2017 at 0h00

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When you close up your boat, multiple checks are necessary:  whether the anchor is holding, ventilation, electricity, bilge pumps, etc... then you disembark and leave the boat... all alone!  With the advent of GPS, internet and smartphones, remote monitoring systems have emerged.  Watchingman, Yacht Sentinel, Yacht Safe and Siren Marine, among others, offer geo-location and the ability to check your boat from your computer, tablet or smartphone from anywhere you have an internet connection. With an app or on a site, you have access to the various watch and alert functions that you can set according to your needs.  These systems have several levels of operation.  In the basic apps we find the essential functions such as: The GPS position of the boat and its course, an alert if the boat leaves the radius of its anchoring area and an alert for the level of the batteries.  Then different formulas and options are possible with additional sensors that can be installed as required.  The system will react and warn you, just as if a crew member had stayed on board.

Straightforward installation


These kits consist of a GPS central unit (a box of a few cm²) and sensors to distribute about the boat. The box that contains an already-integrated SIM card, plugs into the battery bank. From the moment it is activated, it can transmit the position and the course of the boat, the level of the batteries, and three or four other types of information depending on the model. It forms ...

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