Unlimited energy

Published on 20 july 2017 at 0h00

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Let’s admit it, for a very long time now we have abandoned complicated calculations of our amperes, and our ecological conscience has not convinced us to do without a level of domestic comfort which resembles that of our home. Aboard a modern catamaran, in addition to the autopilot, the instruments and the navigation lights, the minimum allowed by the rules of the new ‘Well-Being Federation’ represents a sizeable list of equipment in areas which are as varied as they are essential. For cold: air conditioning, fridge, freezer, ice machine; for hot: heating, water heater; for domestic appliances: pressurized water, microwave, coffee machine, washing machine, hair dryer and food processor; for multimedia: various chargers (telephone, PC, etc.), flat screens and iPods; for tools: drill, jig saw, are all devices for which no compromise at all can be envisaged. So even though led bulbs give us the impression of behaving in a reasoned manner, we mustn’t forget the multiple ceiling lights, wall lamps, spots and reading lights present where once we were content with a single lamp.  Thus we can consider that the daily energy requirements for a boat ready to go to sea can now be estimated at around 500Ah. Faced with this profusion, we must store, recharge and monitor the energy, and fortunately, there is no lack of means. In this first part, we will be looking at the batteries, chargers, generator and controller/management system before tackling the subject – in the next ...

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