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LAGOON 55 - In the wake of a legendary catamaran

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Way back in issue number 20, we tested the Lagoon 55 - the first ever Lagoon! And now, 34 years after the launch of this iconic model, of which only 20 units were sold, the manufacturer is daring to use the same name for a new model. A common practice in the automotive industry, but a little less so in the boating world. According to the shipyard, this new 55 has little in common with its ancestor, but both are a product of their time. With a good breeze, we were able to get a measure of the 2021 vintage of the Lagoon 55.

Test location: La Rochelle, France
Conditions: ENE wind 17 to 33 knots, sea state slight

So much water has passed between the hulls since 1987! The very first Lagoon, with its aerodynamic coachroof, probably had less than half the volume of the new 55. But the latter weighs twice as much. However, the spectacular slenderness of the rig would suggest that Lagoon hasn’t ignored the performance aspect. It’s a good thing, because on the day of our test sail, it was windy. A month earlier in Bordeaux, on the manufacturer’s pontoon, the 55 had appeared following the same lines as the latest generation: mast set back and stepped on the coachroof, diamondshaped bows, etc. But there are a few innovations, however - new circulation at the back of the cockpit, additional openings in the coachroof and more longitudinal ribs - these are not there just to look pretty, as we shall see later. The 55 is cleverly positioned between the 50 and the SIXTY 5: not yet a luxury multiyacht, but far more polished than the “smaller” Lagoon. Stepping aboard in La Rochelle, it was the freeboard and the height of the rig that struck me most. I wasn’t surprised that the 55 was taken in hand by a couple of ...

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