A safety fuse for the mainsheet

Tecmar is an equipment distributor long-established in France, Spain and Belgium that is now seeking to create a presence throughout Europe (the website will have an English version later this year) and to develop its own range of products. 

Under the Tecmar label, there are already ground tackle, electrical and plumbing kits, as well as the famous Fox anchor, which is fitted as original equipment on small and medium-sized boats built by Bénéteau. This anchor was presented at METS 22 in Amsterdam but didn’t really get an official launch... The Fustec (simple contraction of fuse and Tecmar), presented as a preview at the inauguration of Tecmar's new premises on the outskirts of La Rochelle on France’s Atlantic coast, is certainly going to get one however! This simple textile strap/fuse has been designed jointly by Tecmar technicians and ropemaker Corderie Lancelin. Under the foam rectangle is hidden by a one-meter (39”) extension held by a seam, that, depending on the model, will withstand a load of 300 to 850 kg (660 to 1,875 lbs). The Fustec is installed at the upper end of the sheet, beneath the boom, guaranteeing to ease the sheet by one meter the event of the sail being overloaded. In addition, this seam breakage is accompanied by a sound that immediately alerts the crew that the yacht is over-canvassed. For the moment, the five models are suitable for multihulls up to 40 feet. Fustec models for bigger multihulls should be available soon.

Reference: F300K1
Recommended retail price: € 74.90 inc. VAT


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