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BOAT SHOWS Practical guide to this fall’s Boat Shows

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The most important shows are announcing proudly, several months before the event, the presence of around forty multihulls, and are even making use of this as a selling point, to attract visitors. It must be said that our favorite boats are particularly appreciated and often more open to the public than the big yachts.
Although we have seen in the previous pages that there will be a lot of new boats at the fall shows, you mustn’t miss a certain number of other particularly interesting multihulls...

Cannes Yachting Festival (France)

Two months before the event, the Cannes Yachting Festival is already announcing 44 catamarans and trimarans, of from 9.98m to...over 23m, both sail and motor! If you don’t find the boat of your dreams here, we despair!
The Catana group will be present in force, with the Catana 62 (for its world premiere) and the Bali 4.0, 4.3, 4.5 and 4.3 MY (motor). As we have seen in the previous pages, Lagoon will be presenting the biggest multi, with its much-awaited Seventy 7. But the builder will also be bringing the Lagoon 39, 42, 450S, 52F, 560 and 630 MY to Cannes. As for Leopard, we will be able to visit the 40, 48 sail as well as the 43 PC and 51 PC motor cats. In addition to the new Lucia and the Helia Evolution, Fountaine Pajot will be presenting the Saba 50, Ipanema 58, Victoria 67 and MY 37. Nautitech will be taking advantage of the Cannes show to present the Open 46 in its Fly version, as well as an Open 40 and a Nautitech 542. There are rumors that an Open 46 could also be present, for sea tests... Over and above the new boats (Outremer 5X Phase 2 and 4X, HH 66, Privilege Serie 5 and Serie 6, Aventura 10 Power, SwissCat 48, Solarwave 62, Sunreef Supreme, Wave 58 and Xquisite X5), we will also have the opportunity to see the Neel 45 ocean cruising trimaran, as well as the atypical Gemini Legacy and the O Yacht Class 4. As for the motor boats, Jaguar will of course be present, with its Jaguar 48, and Sunreef with a Power 70. Finally, don’t fail to pay a visit to the Overblue 44 and the Oxygen Air 77, very different boats which open new horizons...

Annapolis Boat Show

The American show remains one of the most important in the world, and once again this year, many multihulls will only be seen on the east coast of the USA at the beginning of October. This is the case for the Balance 526, as well as for some South African catamarans, such as the Maverick, the St Francis 50 MK 2, and the Voyage 480. We will also be seeing the Seawind 1160 Lite and 1190 Sport, the Corsair 600 and 970, three Balis (4.0 - 4.3 - 4.5), the Bavaria/Nautitech Open 46 and Open 40, the Fountaine Pajot Lucia 40, Helia Evolution, Saba 50 and Ipanema 58, the Lagoon 380, 42, 450S, 52 F, the Gemini Legacy and Freestyle 37, the Leopard sail and motor range, the Outremer 51, and for the first time in the USA, the Xquisite X5 sail.
But three months before the event, the list is far from being complete...

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