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I’ve decided, this summer : I’m going to start sailing sport cats again...

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Rent, club or purchase?

Going sailing is already a good thing, wanting to go fast on the water is even better, and sailing on a catamaran is brilliant. A completely subjective study carried out among our readers shows that the great majority of them had already sailed sport cats, more or less intensively. This same study also demonstrated that with advancing age, more and more of us only sail in a more...occasional manner!

But the good weather is returning, and it’s time for a bit of sport...  So, why not take advantage of them to have fun and rediscover the excitement of downwind legs on the trapeze? Especially as the incredible images of the new generation of catamarans with foils, capable of flying over the waves, haven’t left you indifferent. A dream which is now (almost) within reach! (See IFly 15, page 80)

So, shall we get started?

Several solutions can allow you to rediscover the simple but very exciting pleasure that only sport multihulls can offer you. The first and the simplest consists of hiring a good old sport cat with multicolored sails, which you can find on almost all of our holiday beaches. Whether at a holiday club or from a rental company on the beach, you will find a cat which will allow you to find your reactions again. But we have to admit that you will quickly become frustrated. Whether you decided to introduce your children or just discover or rediscover the pleasure of sailing, these boats are often old, sometimes with poor fittings, and are always slower with respect to those sailing around you... And of course, it’s the equipment’s fault, not the skipper’s (in any case, that’s the favorite excuse I give to my children).

Therefore quite quickly, after just a few outings in a rental boat, you will want to go a little further. The best solution is then to enroll in a club, to be able to take advantage of the cats they offer their members, or use the opportunity to make friends with an owner looking for a motivated crew. And in that case, you will be sailing on boats in good condition, with real trapezes and well-cut sails. For a quite reasonable sum, you will thus have access to the club’s fleet of cats, and be able to take advantage of them to practice your hobby as a leisure activity, in competition with supervision, or even on your own. In short, the club is the best!

That’s not enough for you? You want more? You want the latest boat from the drawing board of a brilliant architect, the boat which will allow you to be the fastest on the water?

Then you will need your own boat, one you can tinker with, develop, boost, and improve. At this moment, pleasure becomes passion... Note that you are on the way to becoming a genuine catamaniac!

Buying – OK, but which catamaran to buy?

There are three major families of catamaran: those aimed at leisure sailing, those oriented toward sailing schools, and the real thoroughbreds, intended for racing. It is therefore essential to start by evaluating your level, your ...

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