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International Multihull boat show 2016 edition

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Around sixty cruising multihulls - catamarans and trimarans, from 33 to 70 feet (10 to 21 meters) long, sailing and motor boats, coming from all over the world - will be present at the International Multihull Show. A little overview of the boats and builders you will be able to see this year.

International Multihull boat show 2016 edition

The new boats

International Multihull boat show 2016 edition

Bali 4.0

The Bali 4.0 will inevitably be one of the show’s attractions. Since its launch and presentation at Le Nautic in Paris, where its distinctive features greatly intrigued both visitors and professionals, the boat has been tested by Multihulls World’s journalists. You can see a full test in the edition you have in your hands (page 96)...

International Multihull boat show 2016 edition Bali 4.0

Lagoon 42

We saw it for the first time at the Düsseldorf show last January, then at Miami in February. But the Multihull Show will be the opportunity to see the Lagoon 42 for the first time afloat in Europe. The full test of this much-awaited boat is now planned and will be available very shortly in Multihulls World. In the meantime, here in 10 points are the first elements our in-house tester has been able to pick up during his various visits to the boat shows:
1: Particular care has been taken with access to the aft decks from the quay or the dinghy, as well as safety for swimmers climbing back aboard. The bathing ladder is foolproof.
2: The designer Patrick le Quément collaborated in the smoothing out of the 42’s silhouette; the optimization of the weight specification at 12t is a good result, given the volume and the interior comfort. The internal ribs on the hull sides, already seen on the 450 S, improve the passage through the water, the frontal perception, and allow semi-island access to the forward cabin bunks.
3: The mast foot is in a central position, for better weight centering. The shorter boom simplifies mainsail handling; the slim sail plan favors the top of the square-headed mainsail. The increased area of the fore triangle gives more ‘punch’ to the self-tacking jib, and allows a wider choice of downwind sails.
4: The large exterior saloon with seating aft easily allows 8 guests to be accommodated around a table which is completely protected from external conditions; opposite, a chaise longue for relaxing.
5: The steering position, situated well forward, remains perfectly integrated into life aboard; it offers a new perspective. Access to the top of the coachroof and the boom is practical; the break in the level with the cockpit is small; helm-cockpit-saloon communication is optimized.
6: The completely redesigned nav. station accommodates a (standing) sail-handling area at the mast foot: creative ergonomics and readability are perceptible.
7: The all-purpose headsail is of course the self-tacking jib; its area and efficiency have been increased, but it remains easy to use.
8: Moving the mast aft significantly reduces pitching.
9: As an option, a bowsprit will allow a big code 0 or a good-sized asymmetric spinnaker to be flown, for good performance in light weather.

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