Spinlock Deckvest 6D : Made for the ocean!

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This lifejacket with integrated harness is an evolution of the 5D model. First of all, there is a more pronounced notch on the nape of the neck in order to better distribute the weight of the vest and, above all, to harmoniously complement a watch vest - collar and hood. This new product is in one size only but two adjustment belts are available. The quick-release buckle is ultra-easy to use, even with one hand. When triggered, the lifejacket deploys a protective hood, a Solas lamp on an antenna and LED lights on each side. One last feature of this 6D vest: an integrated quick release harness system, allowing the lanyard to be released on demand (optional). The Spinlock Deckvest 6D was awarded a Dame Award at METS Amsterdam 2019.

170 N - 4 colors available - € 300

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