Tiki Factory - An inflatable passerelle

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Made in dropstitch - the same material as stand-up paddleboards – it is inflated to 15 psi (1 bar), using the optional electric pump.

This gangway is equipped with a removable handrail (optional deck socket) and an EVA-type non-slip surface.

A reinforcement composed of a second lower chamber ensures increased rigidity, and a protective plastic section guards against chafe on the dock.

The Tiki Factory passerelle has many advantages: it can be stowed in a locker while you’re under way, it is light in weight (19 lbs/9 kg) and can also be used as a floating pontoon or even a small platform for watersports.

Available in two sizes: 8’2” or 9’10” (2.5 m or 3 m).

Price: from € 690.

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