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Silent 62-3


This new electric-powered catamaran is directly derived from the 60, but the flybridge on this latest model becomes a real upper deck. At 4 to 5 knots, it can cover 100 miles per day using no fuel, thanks to the solar panels. To exceed such a daily run, the generator takes over. Depending on the drivetrain chosen, top speeds of 20 knots are possible, though this is getting away from the brand's philosophy of silent navigation, low emissions and reduced consumption. The electric motors are guaranteed for life, the solar panels for 25 years and the batteries for 8 years - reliability that would allow not only some serious family cruising, but also a charter operation with low consumption and reduced maintenance costs.


Country Autriche
overall length 59.02ft
beam 29.49ft
displacement 639,339.80lb
Naval architect


Motors 2 x 50/2 x 200/2 x 340 kW

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