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Balance 442 - Still a moving helm station

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“Listening to comments over the last few years, it became clear to us that many sailors wanted what the Balance 526 had to offer, but on board a smaller platform, with a lower price”, justifies Phil Berman, founder of Balance Catamarans. The 442 has beautiful inverted bows and the famous moving helm station - the low position allows the helmsman to be perfectly protected. This new model promises excellent performance - but also exemplary robustness: “It's one thing to build fast and beautiful catamarans, but they have to be built tough enough to withstand the worst weather a sailor can encounter,” concludes Phil.

Builder: Balance Catamarans
Architect: Phillip Berman & Anton Du Toit
Length: 13.50 m (44’3”)
Beam: 7.60 m (24’11”)
Displacement: 10.75 t (23,700 lbs)
Draft, boards down: 2.15 m (7’1”)
Air draft: 20.01 m (65’8”)
Sail area: 112 m² (1,205 sq ft)
Motors: 2 x 29 hp
Fuel capacity: 2 x 400 l (2 x 105 US gal)
Price: from $ 699,000 ex-tax

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