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This little piece of land situated in the northern part of the Malacca Straits, raises the average opinion we have of Malaysia; between the fishing nets, cargo ships, squalls and very muddy waters, this island of 30,000 inhabitants captivated us through its authenticity.

The locals are very pleasant and very relaxed from a religious point of view (Malaysia imposes the veil everywhere…). Here the women customize their veils to such a point that it has become a fashion more than anything else.


The flora and fauna are impressive, the place is overflowing with life…as well as humidity! We have never been as hot as in this area, where just lifting your little finger makes you break out in a sweat!


In the south, countless deserted anchorages are easily accessible, protected by verdant cliffs, where various species of monkey come down to the beach to disturb the wild pigs relaxing in the sun.


A spot not to be missed, despite a few inevitable constraints, such as the violent squalls and the color of the water.

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