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No record for Spindrift 2 and Idec

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Since 1993, it has been an obsession for a number of sailors: taking the Jules Verne Trophy and beating the record for the fastest circumnavigation, via the three Capes. This year, two trimarans set off a few hours apart, to try and win this grail of the sailing world: Spindrift 2 and Idec. The two trimarans remained within the record time as far as the Horn, where Idec was left behind. But Spindrift believed in it right to the end. It was only when they entered the North Atlantic, less than 3 days from the finish that the door suddenly closed in front of the giant (40m long) trimaran’s bows.
The record for sailing round the world fully crewed therefore remains the property of Loïck Peyron and his men aboard the Maxi Banque Populaire V, in 45 days (an average of 19.75 knots, in 2012), but this year’s attempts have shown that the record is beatable...if the Atlantic will deign to let the boats return quickly!

Spindrift 2 and Idec - world record

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Time around the world:

Spindrift 2 : 47 days 10 hours 59 minutes 2 seconds
28 875 milles at an average speed of 25.35 knots (18.96 knots over the great circle route)
Idec : 47 days 14 hours et 47 minutes

Spindrift 2 and Idec -world record

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