Operation ‘Voie du Pole’ Everyone with Seb Roubinet!

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Seb Roubinet is one of them. A born adventurer, multihull enthusiast and inveterate dreamer, Seb is also a rigorous perfectionist, a talented boatbuilder and a brilliant architect.

After having been the first to get through the famous North-West Passage purely under sail, the skipper is tackling once again the crossing of the Arctic Ocean under sail. He has just tested his new boat – half catamaran, half ice yacht – which will allow him and his two fellow adventurers to carry out an exceptional feat. The aim is to link Alaska to Spitsbergen, over 3,000 km, with no assistance, no engine, and solely using the help of the wind, the sea and the men.

This sporting project is also technological, as after two abortive attempts at this same project in 2010 and 2013, the quality of the boat and the equipment embarked must be irreproachable. Seb Roubinet has had to invent, build and test a boat equipped with skis, which is not only light but also very strong and impact-resistant. He has even gone as far as organizing a winter with the family to test the equipment to be taken on this new attempt. We’re not joking when we tell you he’s really motivated!

Finally, 'La Voie du Pole’ is also a genuine scientific project, collaborating with several different laboratories to collect, measure and count, according to strict and rigorous protocols. A real plus for the scientists who cannot go there!


Embark with Seb Roubinet to tackle the Pole

To realize his dream and to be ready to leave in the best conditions, Seb Roubinet has just set up a crowdfunding campaign on the internet. A good way of embarking aboard his catamaran, without however the risk of meeting a hungry polar bear on the pack ice, or capsizing in water at 0°…

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Légendes photos

22/01 à 22/03 (mettre au choix 1, 2 ou les 3 photos): 

1/2: The new boat (after Babouchka and Ti Babouche) doesn’t yet have a name, but is already sailing…

3: Polar Bears will inevitably be one of the dangers – but not the only one – to be faced during this expedition.

4: Refreshing little bath during the first expedition to tackle the North Pole.

5: Sébastien Roubinet, a big-hearted adventurer. You can help him in his project now….

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