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More than 2,500 hours of electric propulsion in the greatest comfort, and above all in remarkable silence, during 140 weeks with guests and journalists, have allowed what everyone thought was impossible to be confirmed - complete independence, day and night, with no CO₂ emissions. Since then, the well-known company Solarwave AG Switzerland has launched a 64’ Cruiser Yacht operating completely with solar energy, including in cloudy conditions. The propulsion, fresh water production, galley and domestic equipment, reversible air conditioning and freezer all work electrically and can be recharged thanks to solar energy, including the dinghy engine. A very sizeable battery bank and millimetric engineering allow it to get through long periods of bad weather, and a generator intervenes to assist if needed (it has only run for 30 hours on the 46’ during the five years of tests). The speed can reach 10 knots, and the range at 6 – 8 knots is unlimited. Diesel propulsion is available with 2 x 150 to 2 x 300 hp on the Power version. With the 64, the finishing moves up a notch, and rivals that of the well-known multiyachts on the market. The company moreover has projects for a 72’ and a 105’

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