Pacific Ocean

Contre Temps: “you are a Marquesan now!”

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Ua Pou, Marquesas. Areki, one of the sons of Marquesan friends, arrived with his harem of girls, wife and children! Four years ago, we had briefly met this tattooist, who is otherwise based in Lorient. This year, we had a bit of time. Harmony between Areki and the captain was created instantly. The session was confirmed for a tattoo...on the face; when you know that the captain has always refused the slightest mark, the slightest jewel, even the smallest sign of belonging to any formal or unreal community...

Areki was brought up in metropolitan France, close to his culture, thanks to his mother, and at the same time, far from his roots in Ua Pou. He said that he hadn’t learnt to draw the symbols, but that since the age of 8 he has had them in his head; his father tells that his school books were full of them. He talks of his grandfather, saying that he has arranged to have his surname officially, and that he is proud of it. When he talks, we hear the words ‘pleasure’, ‘time’, ‘exchange’, ‘sharing’; when he draws freehand, directly on the skin, his ethics, his values, his morality, speak just as clearly. His works are all original, because ‘copying is stealing the stories, reproducing the old tattoos which are to be found in the books, is appropriating the life of a toa (warrior) who is no longer here’. His energy and his philosophy of life are wells in which it is easy to drink. Areki said to the captain “you will quickly forget your tattoo, because it is ‘you’; it’s the others who will remind you that you are wearing it, so wear it with pride”: the old men we have met since ...

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