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Magnetic Island: Go crazy and discover the koala paradise!

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To see – to do:

A small island not lacking in animal and floral richness! We are on the island, which is home to the biggest population of koalas, you won’t leave here without having seen a few. And if your failing vision doesn’t allow you to find them in their wild state, the famous koala park is a 5 minute walk from the beach, where you can hold them and find them ‘so cute’!

On the south side of the island, there is Picnic Bay, Nelly Bay and Arcadia. Pretty seafronts besieged by backpackers – travelers looking for adventures. Polished rocks and wallabies, a treat for your eyes, with no effort!

There is also the ferry, which for 30 dollars will take you to Townsville via Arcadia, as a return trip. Busses, every 40 minutes, will also take you to Horseshoe Bay.


19º6.531’S   146º51.617’E 

Horseshoe Bay is the best protected place on Magnetic Island. Let’s be honest, the anchorage is very rolly, even in a multihull – you have been warned!

Blame the swell which comes from the north from time to time – or actually quite often. This is clearly the spot’s only drawback, as the holding is excellent. Incredibly thick mud which will not let your anchor escape. On the other hand, it will be kind enough to leave you with a foul-smelling anchor locker as a goodbye present…

Anchoring as far ...

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