Pacific Ocean

Maui: Chartering in the Tuamotus

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Who: Camille

Boat: Catana 50

Where: Tuamotus, French Polynesia


It was direction Rangiroa, and we anchored at Aïa motu, one of my favorite places. My clients weren’t disappointed! It was a little rainy and cool, but some of them still went for a swim. We went ashore where we met Louis, Noëline and Christian who offered me a paumotu coffee. Louis is a serious underwater hunter and has been Polynesian champion several times. This afternoon he came onboard to pick us up and take us on a fishing trip. We headed for the lagoon, looking for the shallows. Our first location is too deep for me. I was only 7 or 8 meters (25’) down but soon had to come up for air. Back on the boat with a big bucket full of fish, we made for Tiputa pass. I went scuba diving with two clients while the others visited the vineyard. It’s the only one in Polynesia which is in a coral zone. In the pass, taken along by the current, which was coming into the lagoon, we saw a small tiger shark in the distance and we even swam with dolphins that were playing not far from us. One of them came over to be stroked. No hammerhead sharks this time unfortunately! The dive boat picked us up in the lagoon and night had fallen when I made the rather stressful journey through the pass at Tiputa. At first light we arrived at Makatea. The vestiges of its industrial past linked to the mining of phosphates ...

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