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We have spent a few months in the big lagoon encircling Tahaa and Raiatea. This is a great area for cruising with big lagoons protected from the ocean swell, great anchorages and great people. This length of stay has almost made us feel as local residents, living more like locals and acquired a lot of new friends. Despite this we have been quite active on Moana. We have been doing schooling, dives, walks, plenty of swimming and snorkelling, we have mixed in well with the local activities and Kim has in a short time become a good windsurfer! We have spent quite some time anchored in the big natural swimming pools. These are huge areas often a kilometre wide and several km long with a depth of 2-2,5 meters and only sand with crystal clear water coming in from the ocean over the reef. Some memorable nights with full moon and it looks like the water is half a meter deep! I do not think there are many places in the world where you can find this? This has also been the period to spend some time to maintain Moana. Raiatea has a small shipyard and there is a representative from Outremer on site. With the great help from him, small repairs and fixes that needed to be done has been carried in a good way, and Moana is now in better shape than ever. There are several very strong points living here. The lagoons are wonderful, the mountains green, lush and full of fruit. The ocean is 29 in the summer and goes down to a “chilly” 26 in the winter. The population is small, and there is the advantage of having French schools, health care and infrastructure. Last and not least there is no stress, it does ...

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