Twin Boats : two families in warm seas

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It was in the fall of 2012 that Marine sent a text to her brother: "I'm on the train going to Paris. Proposition: we set off as two families (two boats) and sail around the world. You'll be Squadron Leader and repair man, Laurent the doctor, Christel looks after the kids' education and I'll be in charge of supplies. More reassuring with two families and more enjoyable for the kids. We only live once!" Samuel didn't want to commit too soon, and responded pithily: "Sounds quite interesting. We'll talk at Christmas," obviously assuming that by then it would be forgotten. But at Christmas Marine was still going on about it, and Christel spent a few sleepless nights ruminating on the idea. When we looked at all the angles in the cold light of day, we quickly realized that juggling the availability of four adults would mean that the voyage could be no longer than 6 or 7 months long. That would be too short a trip to merit buying two boats and preparing them, especially as we lived a long way from the sea. We therefore decided to look at a long term rental. It's generally accepted that catamarans are ideally adapted to families sailing in sunny climes. Our research led us to Punch Croisières in Martinique. We went to meet the boss, Eric Vasse, at the Grand Motte Multihull Boat Show in April 2013. In June he confirmed the availability of two Nautitech 40s between July 2014 and January 2015. Our project was now moving forward.
So today we are on our boats. Where? To be precise, Los Roques in ...

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