Pacific Ocean

Twiny: three cheers for the Atlantic circuit!

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Who:               Hélène, Henri, Maëlle and Louise

Where:            Atlantic circuit

Boat:               Cat Flotteur 41



It was the last night at sea. Of the 2,030 miles separating Mindelo from Martinique, only 50 short miles remained. We had rolled up the jib, so we didn’t arrive too early. The first few days, the swell had left us time to get our sea legs. It was calm and we caught three fish on three successive days. The girls played in their little swimming pool, drew, painted, cut out, stuck, played board games, or with Plasticine, and watched cartoons. The battery in our Iridium satellite communications system failed, but Henri MacGyver succeeded in bodging it with the vacuum cleaner battery, and it worked! After a week, the wind and seas increased, we sailed fast, we certainly had our sea legs, but it was not as pleasant. We were sailing too fast to fish, we were starting to lack fresh products (and we didn’t find the Cape Verde yoghurts (which can be kept at room temperature) quite as good). We therefore started cooking: breads, brioches, nut brownies, yoghurt cakes, pear crumble, tuna/tomato/cheese cakes, tuna/tomato quiche, tuna/tomato spaghetti… Some spotted dolphins and small whales (less than 6m/20’) rubbed against our hulls. We recognized several kinds of birds, but apart from a few flying fish lost on the trampolines, and three freighters glimpsed far away, we ...

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