10 good reasons to change to a cat...

Published on 13 july 2010 at 0h00

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1- You want to sail as a family.

Nothing better than a catamaran for family sailing... Firstly, everyone quickly finds their place: the youngest will be safe and the teenager can easily be alone on the trampoline or in his or her cabin... And there's enough space to be able to invite friends.
Advantage of a catamaran: comfort and space aboard. The children find their space aboard straight away.

2- You want to cruise with a group of friends.

How can 8 or even 10 people go cruising in a 40-footer? The catamaran offers the possibility of embarking an impressive number of crew members, compared to a monohull. And all this in very appreciable comfort. "With 4 couples in a Lagoon 410, we were better off than in a hotel", said one of our readers, who had just discovered catamarans...
Advantage of a catamaran: space, comfort and privacy; the catamaran is ideal for cruising with friends.

3- You want still more comfort.

Well there's no contest. The catamaran not only offers you space and comfort, but also the possibility of cruising with a skipper and hostess... Not counting the luxury that certain top of the range boats can offer...
Advantage of a catamaran: large living area, privacy, possibility of having skipper and hostess, the catamaran is a must as far as regards top of the range chartering.

4- You are looking for safety above all.

We have said it and we'll say it again: a catamaran is safe! Accidents are very rare, as a catamaran's stability allows ...

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