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Find the right spot

A first look round this pretty bay will allow you to find the right spot for your anchor. You’ve found it ? Well, off you go !

Prepare everything

Here again it is best to prepare everything before you arrive in a place which may be obstructed by other boats. Start by freeing the chain from its block and tackle, then free the anchor, so it drops slightly. It will then drop immediately when you have found the ideal spot to anchor.

The boat should be immobilised head to wind

This time you are there. Ideally, the boat should be immobilised head to wind, allowing enough space around you to swing.

The anchor is ready

The anchor is ready to be dropped.

Simply press the button...

Simply press the button which allows the chain to run out. When it touches the sea bed, let out a minimum of three times the depth of water.

Put your engines astern

Now put your engines astern, to help the anchor set.

The spreader

Once the anchor is set, you can attach the spreader, to balance the catamaran…

Let out a little more anchor warp

Once the snap link is attached to the chain, let out a little more anchor warp, so that the tension is taken evenly by the spreader and no longer by the chain. Once this is slack, the operation is finished.

Enjoy the anchorage...

That’s it… you’re there. All that remains is to turn the engines off and enjoy the anchorage.

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