ACCWing - A flexible wingsail for everyone?

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This 33-foot (10 m) long, 30-foot (9 m) beam, all-carbon multihull - with hiking out wings - displaces barely a ton. With her elegant canoe bows, she's not lacking in allure, but it's not her lines that catch the eye... instead, you look up a little to discover a 55-foot (17-meter) carbon rig supporting an astonishing 645-square foot (60 m²), very thick, flexible wing that bears the name ACCWing (for automatic camber control wing). The principle is to have a simple or cambered profile at will, depending on the speed and strength of the wind, in the manner of an aircraft wing. The similarity with modern aircraft doesn't end there, as the system is automatically activated by internal flexible “muscles”. Eventually, the aim is to offer an automatic, self-managing wing, which could attract users with little experience of sailing and all its subtleties. A 2,500 square-foot (240 m²) ACCWing is scheduled for delivery shortly. 

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