10 reasons for deciding to set off cruising

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1 - Life is only worth it... if you live it to the full

And for you, to really live it to the full, is to live with those close to you, enjoying every moment. So yes, 6 months, a year, or 5 years on a boat with the ones you love is worth more than a busy professional career, a bigger house or beautiful cars.


2. Life’s great… on a cat!

For the last ten years, the journalists from Multihulls World and the most faithful of our readers have been carrying their faithful profession on pontoons all over the world. And yes, on cats - but it also works on tris - life really is good.


3- Boats are our last accessible freedom

Some say the 21st century is becoming increasingly restrictive on our freedoms. While on your boat, you know no master except the weather, the only one that you must really listen to. For the rest, it's up to you to choose your anchorage, your destination, the duration of your stopover... And in these troubled times, this freedom really has no price!


4- A healthy life in the open air

And yes, the life on the boat is definitely much healthier than the one that you can live in the city. Every morning, you start your day by taking a dip and swimming the equivalent of a few pool lengths. And all the rest of the day, you are busy, you’re moving around and having fun. Finally, we eat well. In short, cruising is good for your health!


5 - We'll save money

Does that surprise you? Yet life for cruisers really can be cheaper than for landlubbers. Well, obviously you have to buy the boat and maintain it, but then - if your fishing techniques are any good - you just have to enjoy life. On your boat, you don’t need much, and some who had gone cruising for a sabbatical year, have managed to be at it several years without dipping into their savings.


6 - You’ll have so many stories to tell

We are not going to lie: anyone who has been long-term blue water cruising is always the center of interest when dining with landlubbers. Imagine when you are going to tell stories of swimming with manta rays or sharks or how you have faced a Dantesque storm - with winds exceeding 100 knots and waves of 30 m - and you clung to the wheel for 7 days, alert without sleep, riveted to the helm to bring back your boat. If after a story like this no-one buys you a beer, then it’s a desperate state of affairs...


7 - Your children will become geniuses

No doubt they already are, but ... the magazine readers' experience shows that the majority of children who have spent years on board a boat while traveling are generally much more mature and open to the world than others. And when they come home and they return to school, they are often at the top of the class and go on to become very academic...


8 - ...

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