A round the world trip…on a chartered boat.

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I have dreamt of sailing around the world since I was a young girl, ever since my holidays at my grandparents’ house in Corsica. I used to see the boats sailing in the Bay of Ajaccio, and would dream of setting off on one of them to discover the island, and perhaps then to go further and discover whether Corsica really is the most beautiful destination. To be able to one day fulfill my dream, I set about spending all my holidays on that famous trio: Optimist-420-Hobie 16!
Although the sea has always played an important role in my life, I had never really been in a position to follow my dream and leave everything behind and set off on the « big journey », the sabbatical year or the round the world trip. That’s not to say that it didn’t play on my mind constantly. With a view to setting off one day, I managed to come up with a plan which would allow me to sail regularly.

Catamaran charter : round the world

The Seychelles, an early success, and everlasting memories…

Setting off…on an airplane…

To be able to live out my dream with my family, I had to come up with all sorts of ruses. I have to say that the idea of sailing the seas with very young children was not something which appealed to my husband, who was like a fish out of water when at sea. Never mind the fact that he was well aware of my total incompetence with regard to anything mechanical, any DIY and just any practical things in general. He had no intention of ending up in the middle of the ocean on the watch of a skipper with two left hands! In short, I had my work cut out… I therefore needed to use all of my powers of persuasion: I began by suggesting a family cruise in the Seychelles with a skipper. It was a fabulous week, and a real eye-opener for everyone.
Why the Seychelles? Firstly, there isn’t much of a time difference with Europe (this is important when travelling with very small children). Also the outward flight is at night, which again, is a real plus for the little ones, (as well as those sat next to us on the plane!) So, the Seychelles or Mauritius? After looking at it in detail, we chose The Seychelles (Mauritius will be next year…)! Why? Because the distances between the islands in the Seychelles are very short, which means that the children won’t be out at sea for very long at a time, and will be able to make the most of all the anchorages. The anchorages themselves had a reputation for being idyllic and full of multi-colored fish. And finally, the islands are full of places to discover, with plenty for old and young alike. On this score we were particularly spoiled. Having hardly left our base at Praslin, we were ensconced at our first anchorage, the St Pierre islet, in less than an hour. This is a small granite island, which for the kids immediately became a beautiful Treasure Island. We were alone in our anchorage… Throughout our cruise, we were able to enjoy practically deserted anchorages.
With the family reassured regarding my ...

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