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It must be admitted: the first time you charter bareboat, meaning without a skipper, there is a certain amount of apprehension - quite natural – at the idea of finding yourself in charge of an imposing boat. And when you let yourself be tempted by the exceptional comfort and privacy a catamaran offers, it’s often even more impressive. Having to control two hulls rather than one, two engines and a greater beam, and no ballast, for the sailing boats, can unsettle many people. Yet maneuvering a catamaran is not exactly rocket science, and is often even easier than you might think, as long as you have listened attentively during the handover/takeover organized by the charter company.

To help you with your next charter and allow you to prepare yourself effectively, we attended the handover of a Fountaine Pajot MY 37 by the agency Tendance Voile, in the Golfe de St. Tropez. 

1 – A few documents have to be drawn up before your stay and once you have arrived in the base. They fix the condition of the relationship between charterer and charter company.  The charter contract defines your payment method, the deposit and the insurance. In general, the calendar anticipates payment for everything before the start of your stay, therefore particular attention must be paid to the cancellation clauses, depending on your requirements and constraints. For the boat insurance, a few points must be checked: the geographic limits, depending on your program; the purchase of your excess is important, as it avoids disputes in the event of damage, to determine who was responsible, the charterer who made a mistake in maneuvering, or the charter company due to the wear and tear of the equipment. This purchase will often have an effect on the sum of the deposit. You will also be asked to fill in a nautical CV prior to your stay, with your certificates, as well as a crew list. There is no point in exaggerating your nautical skills, as they will be easily checked by the charterer; a relationship based on confidence is to be desired above all. The inventory and the boat condition form are to be filled out at the base during the handover/takeover. 

2 - Certain charter companies are also licensed travel agents. This allows your stay to be made even more pleasant, with additional services. Booking an air or train ticket is possible, as is vehicle rental. In the present case, the charter company made a minivan and driver available, to go and fetch the customers from the airport. They thus did not have to worry about logistics after a journey which is inevitably tiring, and arrived relaxed to take over the boat, which was the main aim for the day. In addition, a travel agency has a performance obligation, which is an advantage for the customer…


3 – A welcome kit is more often than not made available.  To avoid having to carry extra big suitcases or bags of household linen or accessories, it is possible to request sheets, blankets, tea towels and towels in advance. ...

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