The Baly Bay - The aerial ballet of the flamingos

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Every time the tide goes out in the heart of the picturesque Baly Bay, in western Madagascar, a dazzling natural spectacle unfolds. Before the waters recede completely, a majestic flock of pink flamingos leaves the mangrove-lined shores to join the barely uncovered mudflats: a spectacle as enchanting as it is inspiring! These graceful birds, decked out in brilliant pink plumage, create a veritable symphony of colors in the sky. They choose this bay as a gathering place as they search for food - their daily ritual. The flamingos’ graceful flight is characterized by synchronized, elegant movements orchestrated by the entire colony. Like celestial dancers, they glide elegantly over the salt marshes, finding their food with remarkable skill. Their long necks and curved beaks enable them to filter shallow water, feeding on ...

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