The photographer's eye - My declaration: An Ode to our multihulls

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Yes, I admit that I sometimes stray from the context of Multihulls World with images that are (a little) out of place... That said, these photos are most often taken from the deck of a double-hulled sailboat! So why not sing the praises of our beloved boats? To the ships we cherish. To the boats that carry us to the ends of the earth without flinching, whilst enduring our moods (sometimes bad...) or our mistakes. On board, there are times when we show our knowledge or our incompetence. Our multihulls try to keep us safe, no matter what happens.
Whether it has two or three hulls - maybe more in a few years, who knows? -the most beautiful boat is, as you know, the one that is closest to your heart, the one you fell in love with the first time you saw her, the one you have a sentimental attachment to, the multihull you whisper sweet nothings to when you are sailing and the boat that you congratulate after a good sail. They are not just floating objects that take us from A to B. They are alive, they have a soul. These multihulls are the journey, the very essence of our adventures. Even if they sometimes give us a hard time, we don’t hold grudges, do we?
By the way, you’ll recognize Diamond Rock, in Martinique!

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