The photographer's eye - Ocean cruising on a multihull = Freedom!

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True freedom? It’s when the horizon is uninterrupted, wherever you look. It’s when that unending line fades into the immense blue that exists beneath our feet, under the hulls.

Several times, people have asked me if I feel confined out on the open sea, stuck on board the catamaran, like a lion in a cage. It’s completely the opposite: for me, it is even the absolute freedom. We can take our floating home wherever we want and wherever the wind takes us, depending upon the seasons and the trade winds.

This is all the more relevant today, at a time when rules are becoming more restrictive, and the possibilities for travel are becoming more limited. We are definitely better off on board a multihull than on land!

Admittedly, it is much more complicated than before. But it is still possible, at any time, to exile oneself - for a while - from our society and take refuge in a lost archipelago. There, on the edge of a small, deserted island, you can recharge ...

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