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Forever Green... Whenever I think of green, what immediately springs to mind are forests, those jewels of nature that have been around since the dawn of time. Trees and their array of shades of green, yellow and sometimes red certainly embody purity and vitality, but above all they constitute a rich and unique ecosystem...
And what about multihulls in all this? Thanks to their shallow draft, they can venture into the heart of these natural sanctuaries. All over the world, estuaries lead to rivers, which meander gracefully between the trees. In South and Central America, you can immerse yourself in the land by combining sailing with forest exploration, right in the heart of the country. The Rio Dulce in Guatemala, the Cayenne River in French Guiana, the Amazon in Brazil: so many navigable estuaries that can take your catamaran or trimaran deep into the Earth’s green lung.
Forests are much more than just a tangle of branches, leaves, creepers and mosses. They are the guardians of environmental stability. They purify the air we ...

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