The photographer's eye - Rivergate Marina, Brisbane, Australia: Customs Clearance!

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The catamaran is still salty from the sea spray on our passage from New Caledonia. We are now waiting to clear customs. But this is not any old customs clearance...
We have just arrived in Australia. In Brisbane to be precise.
Wisely moored on a pontoon, we are not allowed to go anywhere else until immigration and customs have boarded. In most countries around the world, this is a mere formality. But here, in kangaroo country, it’s no joke. The undeniable charisma and impeccable appearance of the officers can be intimidating... And they never fail to unsettle you, looking you in the eye, with questions about drugs and weapons. We tell them that we are ‘clean’. OK, but they’ll only accept our statements once they’ve brought the dog on board and searched the boat thoroughly.
On the one hand you can say that this immigration and customs process is monitored and not corrupt... on the other hand, ...

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