The photographer's eye - Tanzania: The (deceptive?) calm of mafia island

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The sky looks as though it’s on fire over the Tanzanian horizon. The dhows reach their island after a day of fishing in the calm waters not far from Mafia Island.
For me, Tanzania was a stopover that was full of surprises. As much for its local encounters, its landscapes and its islands - without forgetting the interior. The anchorages are numerous and atypical.
Unfortunately, tourism has overwhelmed some islands like Zanzibar, or cities such as Dar Es Salaam. As soon as you get ashore, the crew of a multihull becomes a walking wallet. I have witnessed people asking for money far too many times. That said, this same pressure can be found in many places in the world. You just have to know how to say no or find alternatives for those who are really in need. The fact that there is such a big difference in the standard of living raises questions and can undermine the meaning of our trip. ...

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