The photographer's eye - Thailand: When the monsoon strikes…

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The sky darkens and the cloud front seems endless. With sailing speeds generally below 10 knots, there is little or no escape for a cruising multihull. Unpredictable squalls can sometimes strike very hard, so caution is the order of the day, with sailing under (very) reduced sail or a good length of chain at anchor.
This is how it feels in the monsoon, a climatic system characteristic of South and South-East Asia.
In Thailand, the monsoon is generally divided into two seasons: the north-east monsoon (or summer monsoon) and the south-west monsoon (or winter monsoon).
The north-east monsoon occurs from November to February. During this period, cold, dry air from the Asian continent meets warm, moist air from the Indian Ocean. This leads to heavy rainfall in some parts of the country.
A surprising phenomenon can occur during this period. These are whirlwinds of rotating air that form over the water, resembling small tornadoes. In Thailand, due to the influence of the monsoon and the interaction between the warm, moist air from the ocean and the cold air from the continent, ...

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