The photographer's eye - The Maldives: Don’t miss the Show at Dolphin Pass!

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It sounds a little too good to be true, doesn’t it? An anchorage for your multihull where the local dolphins become your pets 24/7. Well, no, you are not dreaming, this place exists! It is the aptly named “Dolphin Pass”. It is located in one of the Maldives’ magnificent atolls - Maafushi, just south of Malé. The channel in the south-west leads to a large coral reef which is deep enough to anchor in after carefully slaloming between the coral heads.

The program includes turquoise water (of course), breathtakingly beautiful reefs and huge shoals of Spinner dolphins leaping in the air... Don’t try to count them on your fingers, but rather by the dozen! It is relatively easy to approach them in the water, which is quite unusual given that dolphins are fast and do not always appreciate being disturbed. These creatures are ...

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