The photographer's eye - Zanzibar: An archipelago that’s worth discovering… and respecting

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Located on the east coast of Africa, just 30 miles from Tanzania, the semi-autonomous archipelago of Zanzibar is a popular tourist destination thanks to its white sand beaches, turquoise waters and coral reefs. But this heavy human presence has had a negative impact on the environment and the local culture. The negative effects of tourism on the environment are becoming increasingly visible: the unregulated construction of hotels and resorts has caused considerable coastal erosion and the destruction of natural habitats used by marine animals. The waste generated by this overpopulation, mostly concentrated in the resorts, also has repercussions on the water quality and the balance of marine ecosystems.
Unfortunately, I have witnessed absurdities such as nautical activities sold as «encounters with dolphins» during which no respect is shown to the animals. The cetaceans are frightened by the motors and boats, which are directed straight at them.
Culturally, mass tourism can also be harmful and grotesque. For example, it has become common practice to be offered a coconut at an exorbitant price on a beach - all the authenticity is lost ...

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