The TOP 20 most beautiful destinations to experience around the world

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1- Hyères – Ile de Porquerolles

Position 43°00' N and 6°12' E

Imagine, you have just finished preparing your proud vessel and you are ready to leave.If your departure area is in the Mediterranean, we would like to bet that your first anchorage will be the Ile de Porquerolles.A green setting, a few miles from Hyères, often the first anchorage in a long series...


2 – Belle Ile

Position 47°33' N and 3°18' W

Are you leaving for your long-term cruise from the Atlantic coast of France?Well don’t miss the stopover at the well-named Belle Ile.The most beautiful anchorage on this wild coast is hidden a few cables from the Pointe des Poulains, in the north of the island.Deep in the Ster Vraz cove, the Ster Wen fjord is a real paradise.


3- Casamance

Position 12°30' N and 16°40' W

On the way to the enchanted islands of the Caribbean, there is often Africa and its wonders.At the magazine, we have a special affection for Senegal, and the Sine Saloum and Casamance deltas.A wonderful region, and inhabitants who can teach you a lot about welcoming and human warmth.The best, especially if you take advantage of your stopover to help the Voiles Sans Frontières association, which needs boats, to help the local populations.


4 - The Saints

Position 15°86' N and 61°35' W

This time we’re there:welcome to the West Indies and its delightful anchorages.Amongst our favourites, there is of course The Saints, one of the most beautiful in the world...

A pleasant anchorage, especially if you are lucky enough to go there out of season... Between the famous doctor’s house/liner, its shaded beaches and the unique atmosphere in the village, the Saints is really an anchorage to be recommended, even if the incessant to and fro of the shuttles can quickly become tedious. 


5 - Los Testigos

Position 11°22' N and 63°5' W

Los Testigos is an archipelago of a few mountainous desert islands.The scenery changes, cacti mingle with a dryer vegetation.The currents around the islands give the sea a wilder appearance.

Laure, aboard Simoust, explains her experience of this stopover which is like no other:

“Our night ashore in the hammocks brought us even closer to the inhabitants; we discovered their history, their habits, and we rediscovered ourselves!We took on their rhythm, we hunted to eat, everyone made an effort for communication, and we forgot appearances...”


6 - Tortuga, Playa Caldera

Position 20°0' N and 72°48' W

Playa Caldera on Tortuga is a wonderful spot; a half-moon shaped isthmus which separates a big lagoon from a long beach.The sand is white and as fine as flour.In places, it accumulates and forms dunes, overlooking water in shades of blue and green.

It was Sunday, and we were going to the restaurant.When we say restaurant, we actually mean Muncho’s hut on the beach.Muncho is a fisherman; he supplies the crayfish and grills them.We came in numbers, with the crew of Moana, Laura and Alizé:eight adults, eight children.The ...

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