Bunkside Reading - "A la poursuite d'un vent de liberté" ("In Pursuit of a Wind of Freedom"): Black Lion's trip around the world by Magalie Jagot

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Settled in New Caledonia, the young parents wanted to finance their second blue water cruise, and to this end, they threw themselves headlong into the trading of various and varied objects - from fashionable gadgets to the latest high-tech novelties. The couple quickly got bogged down with administrative, commercial and logistical constraints, far from their deepest aspirations. And then there was a stroke of genius: Magalie and Cyril discovered a small flat spinner comprised of three bearings that you can spin between your fingers, the Fidget Spinner. They bet everything on this gadget that nobody had ever heard of. It was an immediate and huge success. “Orders were coming in by the hundreds and the money was pouring in. We’d just made the deal of our lives”, says Magalie. Despite this success, the desire to leave everything behind and return to their dream life took over - thus began Black Lion's circumnavigation! From New Caledonia to the West Indies, via Australia, Southeast Asia, the Indian Ocean, East Africa, the Cape of Good Hope, Brazil and Guyana, Magalie tells us the story of the voyage of their Catathai 40. Very different from traditional accounts, this extraordinary adventure is punctuated by Magalie's very personal literary style, a kind of unprecedented journey between realism and allegory. This is far from a simple logbook: Magalie tells us far more than describing their journey beyond the horizon, a journey composed of encounters, adventures, anecdotes and personal reflections. This book questions the powerful link between man and the elements and nature. In her ode to freedom, letting go and discovery, Magalie does not neglect the emotions felt and the tensions inherent to long passages at sea. But thanks to her careful writing, poetic transitions take us imperceptibly from an adventure story to a humanist testimony that conveys a romantic dimension to the voyage. Simply luminous!

This book is enhanced with QR Codes, which give access to the images and videos produced during their voyage. Here we are, privileged witnesses of the powerful adventure and the communicative enthusiasm of Cyril and Magalie... For the moment, this book is only available in French, but an English translation is being considered.

520 pages including 26 pages of photos
Paperback: € 22 inc. VAT
E-book format: € 9 inc. VAT
Available on the Unayok Editions bookstore 

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