Carpeto Coral - Reef A new play mat for children

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Compatible with Playmobil or other action figures, these mats let children to stimulate their imaginations, far from any electronic screen... More than 8,000 mats made of jersey-neoprene, a durable, flexible and light material have been sold by the brand.
The latest model represents an image of the seabed, showing the surface but also highlighting the sub-aquatic area. Sat on the brilliant sand, the wreck of a galleon is seen next to sea anemones and shells. Since 2020, the large mats in the Carpeto range can be combined. A giant marine area can be created by assembling three large mats: Coral Reef, Fairy Lagoon and Mysterious Cove. Have you got the floor space for that in your nacelle?

35½” x 24” (90 x 60 cm): € 45 inc. VAT
47” x 35½” (120 x 90 cm): € 72 inc. VAT
71” x 47” (180 x 120 cm): € 118 inc. VAT

For each Coral Reef playmat purchased, € 1 will be donated to the Tara Ocean Foundation, a public foundation dedicated to scientific research on the oceans. 

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