Decathlon Kitcom Easybreath - For underwater communication

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This innovation uses the same principle as a walkie-talkie, enabling two snorkelers to communicate in complete peace of mind during their aquatic outing. The new pair of connected snorkels incorporates a Bluetooth communication device to pick up and transmit sound. Everything is automatic, with no action required: just switch on the snorkels and pairing is automatic. The electronics are integrated directly into the snorkel. This waterproof system allows you to have a conversation with your buddy in the water, with a range of up to 230 feet (70 meters) in calm seas and a depth of 10 feet (3 meters). With just 3 buttons, the Kitcom Easybreath is ultra-simple: anyone can use it.

The pair of Kticom snorkels is sold separately from the masks and can be fitted to all Easybreath adult masks (500, 540 and 900). Autonomy is 10 hours.

Recommended retail price: €120 per pair 

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