Father's Day Gift Idea - LEATHERMAN FREE P4

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This tool is like a luxury version of the P2 - with two extra tools. That's 21 functions in all, no less! The Free P4 comes in a nylon pouch with a loop strap for carrying it on your belt. Compactly folded, the tool measures 10.78 cm (4.25 in) and weighs exactly 234.8 g (8.6 oz) - 19.8 g (0.7 oz) more than the P2. This stainless-steel model, manufactured like all the others in Portland, Oregon (USA), is guaranteed for 25 years. As soon as the pliers are opened, their quality is clear to see: there’s no play, there are precise locking notches, and magnets designed to keep the tools closed. A great gift for Father's Day, don’t you think? Full test in our forthcoming Special Edition no.14 (available late June).

Price in Europe: €189.90

Price in the United States: $139.95 (on promotion at $124.95 on the manufacturer's website)

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