Nova by Navicom - A new electronics brand

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These Nova-branded displays were unveiled at this year’s La Rochelle boat show in France, and we were immediately impressed by their impeccable definition and color rendering. We were then won over by the ease of use - comparable to that of a smartphone, in other words, you rely on the intuitiveness of the device’s menus and suggestions, and rarely need to refer to the instruction manual. This is already a positive point, especially if you have “tasted” the complexity of certain competitors’ screens. The Nova display features integrated GPS and a microSD card reader (compatible with Navionics charts). It is NMEA 2000 compatible and can therefore display all available information from your multihull. The display is also equipped with an audio amplifier to relay music from a cellphone to speakers. The Nova range comes in five sizes - 10, 12, 16, 22 or 24 inches. The smallest model is undoubtedly the smartest, available as a dual version with a single processor.

Price: €2,159 to €12,799 inc. VAT 

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