Olas Core: A portable and connected alerting system should someone fall overboard

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When such an incident occurs, the small Olas Core portable hub triggers an 85 dB alarm on board while a powerful red light accompanies the person in the water to make it easier to locate them. In alarm mode, the Olas application immediately delivers essential recovery data - MOB position, bearing etc. - to the person. Olas Core can be set in single-handed mode and send an SMS message with the location and time of the incident to the sailor's emergency contact number - Wi-Fi or cellular network are required for this function.

Price ex-tax:

Olas Core: £ 99; € 119; US$ 129

Olas Extender (for multihulls from 50 to 80 feet): £ 88; € 105; US$ 114

Olas 4 pack: £ 146; € 175; US$ 189

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