Sperry Deckshoes - The origins of the myth!

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It starts at the beginning of the 1930's when an Abercrombie & Fitch executive, Paul Sperry, had the idea of designing a canvas moccasin with a sole endowed with deep - but fine - grooves in a saw teeth pattern. The story goes that the motivation came from slipping on the deck of his sailboat and that the non-slip design was inspired by his dog's paw pads. The sailor patented his invention and joined forces with Converse to make the molding and assembly before entrusting the marketing. The Sperry Top-Sider was born: this model was adopted by the US Navy in 1939. The pair of moccasins, with anti-corrosion eyelets, cost $ 4.50 and were available by mail order... Nearly 90 years later, they are still available. But not at the original price…

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