TEMO·1000 - A new 1000-Watt electric outboard!

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The TEMO·1000 also becomes a direct competitor for the famous Torqeedo Travel 1103C. The specifications of the two models are pretty much identical in terms of power and autonomy (45 minutes at full speed), but this newcomer features very sleek ergonomics (thanks to designer Christophe Chedal Anglay), with a retractable tiller, a carrying handle, and notably, it is significantly lighter at 28.6 lbs (13kg) total including its 11 lb (5kg) battery, as opposed to 38.1 lbs (17.3 kg) for the Travel with its 13.2 lb (6 kg) battery. The TEMO·1000 comes with a universal mounting bracket and has multiple adjustments to allow the motor to be fitted to any height of transom. The bracket also allows for 360° rotation, meaning the motor can be installed from within the boat, and its angle can be varied by several notches to facilitate your approach to the beach.

Price: € 2,850 including VAT 

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