TEMO·450 - Lighter, more stylish and with greater range!

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Highly efficient and fun to use - you'll soon be able to read our full test aboard a Tendercat dinghy in Multihulls World - this portable electric outboard is now available in a carbon version. The adoption of this hi-tech material offers, in addition to added aesthetic value, a symbolic weight saving of 300 grams, making it 4.6 kg instead of 4.9 (10.1 lbs as opposed to 10.8). The real plus, in our opinion, is the integration of a higher-capacity battery: up from 10 to 12.8 Ah, for an hour’s range at full power. The TEMO·450 Carbon comes with a 5-year warranty. The price has been logically increased, from €1,590 to €2,200 including VAT. 

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